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"Would like to take a few minutes to say thank you for the time this morning to discuss salary negotiation aspects in a career search."

"Great help in understanding how to build a career network from scratch. 2000% return on my investment."


  • Are you told "no thanks" when you send out your resume, if you get a response at all?
  • Do you have trouble getting interviews?
  • If you get an interview, is it for the position you want?
  • If you do get an interview for the position you want, does the offer never materialize?

    If so, I can help you. Hereís what past clients have said:

    "I was concerned whether anyone would consider me for a position at the level for which I knew I was qualified. Johnís partnership transformed me from extremely nervous to completely at ease in interviews, and I quickly found a job that put my career back on track."

    "I spent thousands of dollars on professional services to help me with my job search. In just one session, John Hadley dramatically improved the resume they took weeks to prepare. His insights into how best to present my accomplishments were invaluable."


    What would it be like to have a partner focused on the results you want? To help you with your most critical need, whether it is creating a Winning Resume, mastering the Art of Networking, or gaining the confidence to Hit a Home Run in every Interview? I teach you the strategies and skills you need to land the job and pay you deserve!

    Everyone could benefit from this level of support, but frankly, not everyone is ready.

    I love to talk with people who are really serious about stepping out of their comfort zone and putting their full effort into marketing themselves to get the job and compensation they want and deserve! If you are one of those people, let's talk and explore if working together to make that happen is for you. Just take 10 minutes to fill out this simple survey, and then we'll schedule time to:

    "Kick Start Your Career Search!"

    In this complimentary session, we will get clear on your specific career search goals and identify the challenges you face in achieving them. Uncovering your hidden challenges is critical to implementing a truly effective career search. In the process, we will see if there is a fit, and if so, I will explain exactly how we could work together to help you achieve your goals.

    Why not take advantage of this opportunity?
    Kick Start Your Career Search

    ps: Is your career moving in the direction you want, as fast as it should? If not, click here now.

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