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"I spent thousands of dollars on professional services to help me with my job search. In just one session, John Hadley dramatically improved the resume they took weeks to prepare. His insights into how best to present my accomplishments were invaluable."
Teri, Nutritional Consultant

"Thank you so much for the time you spent with our daughter. You got her thinking and that is always good. Your 3 legged stool of life - Like job, skills to do job, and fits with lifestyle is great. It has helped her sort out why she does and does not like various options."
Parent of College Student

"Thank you for taking the time to speak with me this morning. I greatly enjoyed the conversation and found it very informative and eye-opening."
Jeremy, Recent College Graduate


Career Search

"I also enjoyed speaking with you this morning. You are a great example of having a compelling story to tell! I truly appreciate the time you spent with me and am inspired to market myself in an irresistible way to attract job offers."

"What better testimonial than a returning customer? As soon as I learned I was being released (due to budget cuts) from my job for a second time in my career, I immediately got in touch with John. The results were the same as the first time John helped me with my job search, within weeks of working with him I was back in the job force."
Kevin, Software Engineer

"If you want to jump start every area of your job search - from having the most exceptional resume, cover letter, interview skills, strategy and more, look no further than John West Hadley. As a career counselor he is an expert in every area of the field. Every question you have ever wanted the honest answer to - he can provide.

For career coaching - you cannot find anyone more sincere about helping you. Very personable, polite, honest and extremely intelligent. If you want exceptional results - than you have met the exceptional career counselor."

Gina, Technical Writer/Instructional Designer

"John Hadley is a very effective career coach because he addresses the elements and barriers to job seeking (interview skills, telephone skills, thank you's, appearance, resumes) in an organized, knowledgeable, supportive and understandable manner. I found my investment in his services to be well-spent."
Marvin, Physical Therapist
Leading Provider of Comprehensive Home Healthcare Services

"Working with John:
  • Helped me discover and focus on how good I really am, and what I bring to the table that will impress a prospective employer.
  • Gave me confidence in my ability to approach people.
  • Taught me how to reframe challenging interview questions, and lead into my HERO story.
  • Changed the way I think about interviews, freeing me up to focus on their needs and how to differentiate myself and show added value.

    I am now more confident walking into meetings and marketing myself, equipped with powerful examples that engage the listener. I can actually see the positive reactions!"
    Susan, Marketing / Business Development Director, Fortune 500 Companies

    "Just wanted to pass along a little good news. I have landed a 90 day contract with the potential to turn into a full time assignment. I am looking forward to the opportunity to pursue some of the topics we discussed. Thank you for taking the time to discuss these options and prepare me to focus on networking and preparing for an opportunity. I greatly appreciate and value your input.
    Jim, Executive Security

    "I had been looking for 14 1/2 months, and had many interviews, but no offers. I believe your Winning Interview Techniques group coaching program made all the difference; I just accepted a job, and they offered me more money than I asked for!"
    Tom, Program Manager, Major Consulting Firm

    "I found it difficult to reach out for help in my job search last year, but finally reached a breaking point, and several people suggested I talk to John Hadley.

    I knew my résumé needed a lot of work, but struggled to figure out what to do to fix it – I couldn’t see the forest from the trees. John showed me how to transform it to be both professional and succinct – that strong ‘sales brochure’ critical to my search.

    I had been focusing my networking efforts on career search networking groups, and John pushed me to get out among the employed, teaching me how to do that in a way that would get me referrals and job leads. He worked with me on interview techniques, and helped me process everything I was hearing and going through.

    One of the key values was being able to talk openly and honestly about what was happening, and John’s ability to put everything in perspective, and help me create an effective plan to move forward. Within just 6 sessions, I had landed a terrific new opportunity! I would recommend John without hesitation to anyone in a career search."

    Sabina, Project Management Professional

    "Your coaching did give me more confidence in interviews. I realized I look away, when I am thinking/speaking, and started to make better eye contact. I landed in a job where I am comfortable, right here in the local area."

    “John’s insights were instrumental to my search. I learned how to present myself in a more compelling way that focuses on what I can do for the other person. Our time together was invaluable; well worth the investment.”
    John, Technology Executive

    "After a 3-year job search, within three months of working with John Hadley, I have an exciting new job. John helped me not only with the mechanics of my job search, but also to overcome the loss of confidence, which was sabotaging my search. And the simple technique he taught me to use in negotiating the final offer earned me an additional $10,000 in base salary!"
    Kevin, Software Engineer

    "I am still so very happy with my job. I think the company's great, my boss is super, my colleagues are bright and energetic, and my projects and responsibilities are fun and challenging. I'm so glad that I held out for the right job and that you helped me get what I was really looking for."
    Lois, Actuary, International Life/Health Insurer

    "Working with you made a real difference in interviews. You helped me see things through the hiring manager's eyes, so I can really understand where they are coming from! Particularly valuable was the work we did on my 2 minute pitch and compelling accomplishment stories. I've found that I now have 'scripts' in the back of my head that give me great confidence!

    The cover letter and resume you helped me craft really did the trick! I sent them out to 9 hiring managers I hadn't met, and within 2 weeks had 3 formal interviews and 2 informational interviews --- and the job offer I wanted!"

    Alice, Research Analyst, Major Investment Bank

    "Your help in the communication process with employers was significant. From the resume to the negotiation process it was great to have a "team" behind me. Your assistance in paying attention to the details was very important, and made a difference in all aspects of my job search."
    Lou, Safety Director, Environmental Services Firm

    "I began a job search last year having reached a point in my career where my work had become very tedious and unsatisfying. I merely dusted off my years-old resume, added new functions that I had performed, and contacted some recruiters. Well, my resume didn’t open any doors and I really had no understanding of networking. It quickly became clear to me that I needed help and I am extremely grateful that I contacted John Hadley. After working with John to revamp my resume, I began receiving rave reviews from interviewers who had examined it.

    Most importantly, John taught me how to effectively network. In just a few months my networking produced three exciting jobs that were excellent fits for my interests and abilities. John was an invaluable resource in guiding me through the interviewing process and I received three job offers in three months!

    I am now working in a dream job that is a perfect fit for me and in my desired location! John is now helping me to make a successful start in my new position and I have already been complimented for “hitting the ground running”. Whether you are looking for a new position, or seeking growth in your current job, John Hadley is an invaluable resource to guide you to success!"

    VP & Actuary, Financial Services Conglomerate

    "I thought you would like to know what networking did for me. I have to give you the credit for encouraging me to talk to anyone, anywhere at any time. I am grateful for your help. Thank you so much and I hope you are able to help others as much as you helped me."
    Vicki, Educational Trainer, Premier Educational Publisher

    "John showed me how I could market myself more effectively. He is good in a pinch when something comes up and I have no idea how to deal with it."
    Deb, Editorial & Marketing Communications

    " 'Networking' is the one word that has improved my career search efforts. John did an excellent job of helping me learn how to network effectively whether on the phone, in person, or via emails. I used to end a discussion with a "thanks for your time". Now, I know that it's crucial have another person or place to contact at the end of the discussion; that's what networking is all about. So, now I spend less time on job boards or re-writing my resume as I know that networking is the way to work! Thanks, John!"
    Dave R.

    “John’s Tactical Career Search Advantage program really worked for me! Previously I found it difficult to get hiring managers to respond to my resume, and had a very limited network of contacts. John showed me how to transform my resume so that it got noticed. He coached me on how to look at it through prospective employers’ eyes, and I found I was not only prepared for this search, but had gained a new life skill!

    John then worked with me on how to make the most of networking opportunities, and taught me a valuable technique to frame my experience into concise accomplishment stories that really demonstrate the skills I offer an employer. In addition, his advice on how to deal with some of the common tricks and traps of the interview process made me extremely well prepared.

    I was thrilled with how quickly my career search went. After only 7 sessions with John, I had a job with my 1st choice of companies, doing exactly what I wanted to do, with an offer at the very top of their salary range - my starting income is at least 10% more than I expected!”

    Patrick, Analyst, Major International Consulting Firm

    "John helped me develop a strong resume, taught me networking strategies and helped me devise an effective pitch with which to market myself. He boosted my confidence by focusing me on my career accomplishments. I found my current job as a result of networking, directly applying the methods that John had shown me. I would recommend John highly to anyone in need of help in looking for a job."
    Len, Actuary, Major International Insurer

    "I considered several different career counselors, and found John to be the best. John helped me clarify my goals and target the employers I wanted. We reworked my resume, and practiced interviews and cold calling. While working with John, I received five competitive job offers in a two week period (after only six interviews). I'm really happy with my new job, and I feel I've learned new networking skills."
    Alice, Environmental Engineer

    "As an insurance professional turned stay-at-home dad, I was concerned whether anyone would consider me for a position at the level for which I knew I was qualified. John showed me how to extract relevant skills and results from an eclectic series of part time jobs, and to make my entire resume a quality “sales brochure.” He also taught me to generalize the skills so that I wouldn’t be limited to one specific job or industry. He then suggested a new way to look at my background that turned my gap in full time employment into a strong statement about me taking charge of my life. Finally, John showed me strategies for developing and using my network effectively. I was transformed from extremely nervous to completely at ease in interviews, and quickly found a job that put my career back on track."
    John, Banking Professional

    "John helped me see how best to sell my accomplishments to a prospective employer. His input helped me create a Winning Resume, and his ongoing support of my job search got me the position I have today."
    Gary, Director of Product Review & Filing, Major Life/Health Insurer

    "I want to thank you for the time you took today to evaluate my job search strategy. It has been very helpful to know from an employer's point of view what is missing from my approach."
    Marie Claire

    "I appreciate your honesty, integrity and expertise. The resume you helped me develop really did the trick!"
    Mark, Sales Professional

    "John provided specific advice on how to improve my resume and make it stronger. I have worked with other career services. The advice John gave went far beyond the basic stuff they always tell you."
    Lynn, Director of Marketing, Online Content and Subscription Site

    "I wanted to follow up with you to send you my updated resume, and to let you know that as a result I have been called in for interviews at a few different companies and scouted by employers off of the major job websites."
    Amy, Marketing Professional

    "John's comments on my resume were insightful."
    Phil, Director of Actuarial Services, Major Health Insurer

    Career Growth

    "Without your help navigating a career world would have been much harder for me. Additionally, with negotiation techniques you taught me I've managed to grow my compensation about fourfold.

    My case may be an extreme one but your coaching lessons are paying in the vicinity of 250x return per year. Over the entire career path I estimate you added millions to my top line. You can quote me on that."

    George, Hedge Fund Portfolio Manager

    "You are an excellent communicator and a skilled career coach. Our phone session on Tuesday was very productive and I learned how to package and present myself more effectively. I must say that your advice in approaching the VP of External Affairs at a local Chicago hospital worked. He provided me a contact in the healthcare equipment purchasing organization, after he initially could not think of people since he was on the services and community focus part of the hospital’s domain. I sent him a thank you card and a couple of articles on how hospitals are getting more creative to survive, which is a major problem area for him.

    I will be promoting your service to my job seeker colleagues because you are awesome, genuine, and easy to work with."
    Curtis, “I integrate marketing to win customers”

    "When I approached John, I was struggling with how to leverage my abilities and reputation in the IT industry into a fulfilling career path. He helped me sort that out, gain the confidence to know I could handle my own business, and coached me in launching it. John coached me past the issues that were keeping me from taking action - I would have taken at least 6 months longer to go out on my own.

    With John’s help, my new practice was immediately successful out of the gate – within just the first year I doubled my income."

    A.S., IT Consultant

    "Thank you very much for your taking the time to chat with me. Our conversation helped me focus on what I would like to do next. I will certainly follow your advice on how to negotiate a better salary or incentives. Meanwhile, two organizations are interested in meeting with me."

    "It was terrific having someone to bounce ideas off, to evaluate my plans and provide support and a good strategic plan. You provided tactical "nuggets" that I could implement right away, and taught me the "rules of engagement" for my new chosen field, so I can hit the ground running in my new job!"
    Cameron, Actuarial Assistant, Major Life/Health Insurer

    "John is a great resource for any person seeking to advance his or her career in the States. One of the toughest challenges for a foreigner is understanding the mentality of your US employer: how to position yourself, how to build a defendable value proposition, how to negotiate, when to hold back and when to push. Great help in understanding how to build a career network from scratch. 2000% return on my investment."
    George, Quantitative Research Analyst, Analyst Rating Firm

    "I think your focus and strategy is amazing. It really sets you apart from your peers."
    Allison, HR Director, Investment Rating Firm

    "You gave me the push I needed to define my goal and really make progress towards it. You held me accountable for things I said I would do, and provided me tools and support along the way to make sure I got there. Six months later I am finally making a transition into the area that has interested me for years - something I was never quite able to pull-off on my own."
    Janet, Systems Engineer

    Business Development

    "When I approached John, I was struggling with how to leverage my abilities and reputation in the IT industry into a fulfilling career path. He helped me sort that out, gain the confidence to know I could handle my own business, and coached me in launching it. John coached me past the issues that were keeping me from taking action - I would have taken at least 6 months longer to go out on my own.

    John’s calm demeanor and experience as a successful business owner have been essential – he is able to sense what I want to do and how to do it. He shows me how to balance the need for marketing and professional development, and how to handle the inevitable speed bump along the way.

    With John’s help, my new practice was immediately successful out of the gate – within just the first year I doubled my income."

    A.S., IT Consultant

    "Your consulting advice has been one of the most important tools in helping my business grow this year."
    Kenn, Web Design & Internet Marketing Business Owner

    "A potential customer called me this morning. He saw a testimonial on my website that impressed him. Just wanted to say "Thanks" for your help. I wouldn't have thought to seek out the feedback and then put those quotes on my site without your guidance."
    M. Hennes, Illustration and Design Business Owner

    "Thanks, John, for stimulating my thinking on how to approach the traditional 30-second elevator speech. Your method will help me to craft a headline that differentiates me from others in my field."

    "I took your advice for both of my passions (My Wellness Business and Tutoring) and BOTH have TAKEN OFF!"

    Speaking / Presenting

    "I recruited John to speak on “The Killer Résumé” at a Project Management Institute meeting, and he attracted a standing-room-only crowd. The audience was fully engaged, and he was doing such a great job fielding questions that we cut short our other business to give everyone more time with John. Afterwards, the event organizer commented to me “Thank you for bringing such a wonderful speaker to PMI!” Another person asked if we could bring John back to present on “Cover Letters.”
    Sabina, PMI-NJ

    "Your seminar was informative, but actually meeting with you on Tuesday was even more fruitful. I got a call for an interview for a contract job. Your tip of making the interview conversational worked well. I start Monday!"

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