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Add Magic to Your Branding and Marketing

Add Magic to Your Branding and Marketing

Follow Up Resources

Allan promised to provide the critical links he mentioned and visited during the webinar.

He took it one step further and actually created a pdf that walks through the links, along with brief commentary as to what to watch for in each.

On certain pages (the 1st, 3rd and 10th on my screen) you will see a little chat box icon near the top of the page - on my screen they look like a litte yellow box with a cloud in the center. If you scroll your mouse over those, it will bring up additional interesting commentary.


Allan's pfd

Allan hinted to me that if he's inspired, he might take the pdf a step further when he gets back from a few days vacation - if so, I'll drop you a note to let you know.

Several of you have already taken Allan up on his offer for a complementary follow-up call on your own branding and marketing issues, and I would strongly encourage all of you to take advantage of that! You can reach him at: or (650) 322-8233