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Build Success Through Networking!

"Build Success Through Networking!"
A 2 Part Tele-Course


  • Do you know you SHOULD network, but can't seem to find the time?
  • Are you not even sure how to get started?
  • Are you uncomfortable walking up to people you don't know and introducing yourself?
  • When you tell people what you do, do you get a blank stare?
  • Do you find that nobody asks you meaningful questions about your job or services?

    Every business owner knows that networking is essential to generating business growth. Networking is also critical to Career Search and Career Growth. In a search, this is how you tap into the 'hidden' job market and get noticed BEFORE you become just one of two hundred anonymous résumés on a hiring manager's desk. Networking is just as vital to career growth, and is a key asset you bring to your employer.

    I've observed that a common issue holding back most job seekers is ineffective networking. Often this is due to a lack of networking fundamentals. Many think that by blasting an ineffective message about their search to everyone with whom they come in contact, they are going to get connected to great opportunities. All too often, what they are doing instead is:

  • Turning off valuable potential contacts,
  • Slowing down their job search, and
  • Making it more likely they will miss out on being considered for a terrific job!

    Others know the basics of what to do, but have a lackluster "marketing message" that fails to capture the attention of their target audience.

    However, if you go about it the right way, networking can be your ticket to your dream job! In fact, my own experience is that every job I have ever had has come about through networking. And in a number of cases, the opportunities had not yet been opened up to anyone else, or didn't even officially exist until they were offered to me!

    You might say, "But you are a natural networker, that won't work for me!" Take the case of one of my clients, "Joe." Joe had been laid off by his company, and was worried about whether there were any similar jobs out there. When I told him the key was networking, he was very skeptical. We worked on what he would do and say, and made sure that he was putting forward a powerful marketing message that communicated what he brought to the table. After a few weeks, he was a true believer, because he saw that for every 10 calls he made, he averaged at least 10 new referrals! And soon after that, Joe was being considered for 5 different opportunities of exactly the type and level he wanted!

    I want to share with you the exact same strategy that worked so well for Joe.

    "Build Success Through Networking!" is a 2-part tele-course. All you need to ‘attend’ is a phone. Register for either or both parts!

    Part 1: Making Influential Connections
    Monday, December 19
    12:15-1:15PM Eastern / 9:15-10:15AM Pacific

    Learn the secrets of effective networking that few people utilize well! We will work on specific strategies you can use to TAKE ACTION!

  • Get clear on your objectives
  • Find out how to get comfortable and make connections with ease
  • Learn strategies to build your rolodex of key people who can connect you to great opportunities

    Part 2: Make a Lasting Impression
    Wednesday, December 21
    12:15-1:15PM Eastern / 9:15-10:15AM Pacific

    Once you engage with someone, you need to get them interested in the value you offer. This session builds on Part 1 by showing you how to develop a compelling ‘marketing message’ people remember!

  • Learn how to avoid 2 common mistakes even experienced networkers make
  • Discover ways to express what makes you unique
  • Get specific input on your own personal message

    How much difference would it make in your career or job search if you could connect to even one new "center of influence" by year end? Now imagine if you could create a whole series of influential connections to help you achieve your goals!

    Sign up for either tele-class for only $25 and get this free bonus:

    Free Report:
    "7 Steps to Effective Career Search Networking"

    Or save $10 by signing up for both parts at the same time for only $40, and receive a SECOND bonus as well!

    Bonus #2
    Personalized 30-minute One-on-One
    “Keep The Momentum Going” Coaching Session
    (A $100 Value!)

    I would like to give you the same one-on-one attention I give my individual clients. Therefore, I am including a free 30-minute coaching session to help you take what you've learned to the next level!

    Don't miss out on this chance to enter the new year with a new set of networking skills that can propel you into exciting new career opportunities! Sign up below:

    Register for both parts for only $40!


    Register for Part 1: Making Influential Connections for $25


    Register for Part 2: Make a Lasting Impression for $25

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