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Kick Start Your Career Search!

Are you a job seeker frustrated with your search? Do you struggle to get interviews, and to turn them into offers?

Unlock Your Career Potential!

Do you struggle to get the recognition and visibility your contributions deserve? Are you feeling blocked in your career? Or are you just not that excited to go to work in the morning?

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Click the Play Button above to listen to my recent interview with Joe Peters of Caldwell Banker.You can visit Joe Peters' site to learn more about him.

The Keys To Selling Your Achievements

Accelerate Your Job Search and Career through our Audio Workshop Series

Learn how to Sell Your Achievements naturally and with confidence!

Trusted by 100's of Past Clients & Workshop Attendees

"I spent thousands of dollars on professional services to help me with my job search. In just one session, John Hadley dramatically improved the résumé they took weeks to prepare. His insights into how best to present my accomplishments were invaluable."

~ Teri

"John, just wanted to let you know that I accepted a verbal offer from IBM. The detail that clinched the deal was a follow-up email that I sent last week, and that I wrote using the information in your workbook. Specifically, I was inspired by the "why not just hire me?" letter example. The hiring manager even commented that my email had just the right attitude and that it motivated him to start the hiring process.

Chalk another one up to your knowledge and methods and be assured that I will be contacting you in the near future for more work."

~ Aldo

"John helped me develop a strong résumé, taught me networking strategies and helped me devise an effective pitch with which to market myself. He boosted my confidence by focusing me on my career accomplishments. I found my current job as a result of networking, directly applying the methods that John had shown me. I would recommend John highly to anyone in need of help in looking for a job."

~ Len, Actuary

"John helped me see how best to sell my accomplishments to a prospective employer. His input helped me create a Winning résumé, and his ongoing support of my job search got me the position I have today."

~ Gary, Director of Product Review & Filing

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