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Job Search Strategist

John Hadley teaches job seekers internationally strategies and skills that enable them to tap into the 'hidden' job market and find the best jobs now. He also works with professionals struggling to become and be seen as influential leaders.


John Hadley was a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries in the financial services industry for 25 years. He began his career at Equitable Life, ultimately serving as Disability Income Product Manager. Commercial Life brought John in to build a new department, where he progressed to Chief Actuary. He then opened a successful consulting practice which generated over $2.5 million in revenues.


John continues to be active in the community and the corporate sector. He has served on many community and industry initiatives, is a sought-after speaker on career and marketing issues, edits (and writes for) the Leadership & Development journal The Stepping Stone, and publishes his own Career Tips newsletter, with over 9,000 subscribers. He conducts a wide variety of tele-classes, webcasts, and seminars. He has a BS in Mathematics from Stanford University, where he also satisfied the requirements for an Economics major.

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