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Man Sitting On Bridge

(Influential Leadership) Master Communications To Strengthen Relationships

By John Hadley | Dec 8, 2022

Last time we talked about a tool called The Reality Checklist (designed by Tony Robbins). This tool is very effective at helping one handle relational upsets in their personal and professional lives. You know, those misunderstandings that cause us to question another person’s intentions.   Now let’s look at the anatomy of a conversation that […]

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Man Sitting On Bridge

(Influential Leadership) Reality Bridging

By John Hadley | Nov 17, 2022

It’s not unusual in the workplace to have upsets in relationships.  As an influential leader, you must be equipped to navigate these upsets.  Read this week’s tip for a phenomenal tool that will help you masterfully do this.   The Reality Bridging Technique How do you handle relational upsets in the workplace?   Most of […]

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John Sitting At Coffee Shop

Too Much “We”?

By John Hadley | Oct 17, 2022

We’ve been told how important it is to demonstrate that we are good team players, and to give credit to others. And that is very true.   However, this can lead to a common mistake in job interviews: too much ‘we’.   A job interview is about you – what you will do, what results […]

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John Hadley Greeting Someone

Don’t Be Transactional

By John Hadley | Oct 12, 2022

I’ve written before about the all-too-common mistake networkers make, of approaching networking in a ‘transactional’ manner.  This is especially an issue for many job seekers, who have been told that networking is the most productive avenue for their search (true), but who let their single-minded focus on getting a job make their approach too transactional […]

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Don’t Get Trapped Into Free Consulting!

By John Hadley | Aug 6, 2022

I was pleased to be asked to share my insights for this article on how to avoid the “Free Consulting” trap in interviews.   One of the problems here is that the candidate perceives the interviewer as having all the power in the relationship.  That can lead to feeling you must do exactly what they […]

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Ancient Typewriter

It’s National Typewriter Day!

By John Hadley | Jun 23, 2022

It’s National Typewriter Day – are YOU using outmoded methods for your career search?   Years ago, most people approached a search by checking the want ads, and mailing out resumes to lots of identified openings.  While it wasn’t actually the most effective method, it worked often enough that people continued to do it.   […]

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Shovel Digging

Dig Deep for Interview Success

By John Hadley | Jun 22, 2022

I came across this quote about how to have a really effective meeting:   “Dig until you uncover information you didn’t even know you didn’t know.”   This is exactly what I coach job seekers on in interviewing.   After someone has had an interview, I often ask “What are their challenges?”  The typical answer […]

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Group On Top Of Rock

(Influential Leadership) Avoid The Blame Game

By John Hadley | Jun 21, 2022

It’s tempting to cast blame when things go wrong.   This will not serve you well as leader.  See this advice from the exceptional consultant, Alan Weiss:   Find cause and not blame. We become preoccupied in business and life with finding a scapegoat, a villain, a conspirator.   Most problems simply occur through errors […]

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Group On Top Of Rock

(Influential Leadership) Are Leadership Skills Still Important?

By John Hadley | Jun 14, 2022

A Right Management survey at the end of 2010 of over 2,000 human resource executives, hiring managers and recruiters across 17 countries had the surprising (to me) result that only slightly more than half of Asia-Pacific based respondents rated leadership skill and potential as the number one factor in hiring. Those in North America and […]

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