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(Influential Leadership) Master the Art of Coaching

By John Hadley | Sep 20, 2021

Avoid This Mistake When Managing Others You may already be a leader who directly supervises a team of professionals.  If you don’t supervise anyone now, this most likely WILL happen as you increase your influence and effectiveness in your organization.   Most good managers are good at directing the people they supervise.  They tell their […]

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(Influential Leadership) Disagree the Right Way

By John Hadley | Sep 13, 2021

  Disagreements can be unpleasant.   Disagreeing the wrong way can create bad feelings and sour a relationship.   Avoiding a disagreement can be just as bad. You can mislead the other person into believing you support their ideas, destroying trust when they realize their mistake. This doesn’t even have to have been an active […]

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mark tulin L7TkIKc0XnU unsplashApology

(Influential Leadership) Own Your Mistakes

By John Hadley | Sep 7, 2021

Own Your Mistakes…Without Excuses Apologies can be awkward.   However, owning up to your mistakes in a very professional way is one of the most important career moves you can make! True leaders don’t hesitate to own up.   Think of the famous Tylenol poisoning case. In many ways, Johnson & Johnson didn’t even make […]

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david hahn joofjYCG1Q unsplash On Phone

(Influential Leadership) Name That Behavior

By John Hadley | Aug 31, 2021

Have you ever been in a meeting where you were trying to influence the other person, and you noticed that they: Glanced at the computer screen while you spoke? Took phone calls or answered emails? Picked up items from the inbox to process? Got interrupted by a knock on the door? In any way seemed […]

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edwin andrade 4V1dC eoCwg unsplash Audience Asking Questions

(Influential Leadership) Ask Effective Questions

By John Hadley | Aug 25, 2021

Master The Art of Asking Effective Questions My last 2 posts discussed the importance of paying attention to someone’s tension (their level of urgency) in order to influence them, and that for someone to act on your idea (or “buy” from you) their tension needs to reach the Threshold of Activation. If they are not […]

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ethan elisara 9VRlK7lu1Ck unsplash Swimmer Jump

(Influential Leadership) The Threshold of Activation

By John Hadley | Aug 17, 2021

My last post discussed the concept of “productive tension.” Tension can be defined as the urgency one feels to do something. To be effective with others you need to develop a keen awareness of where someone’s “threshold” is – specifically, their Threshold of Activation. What is the Threshold of Activation? The Threshold of Activation can […]

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(Influential Leadership) Pay Attention To Tension

By John Hadley | Jul 16, 2021

What is Tension Anyway? The critical factor that determines what changes someone will make and when those changes occur is TENSION. Tension can be defined as the urgency one feels to do something.   Tension determines what some will notice and what they will ignore. A key principle to remember is that people pay attention […]

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sebastian herrmann oMpknr7yi7g unsplash

What Topics Do You Want To See?

By John Hadley | Jul 6, 2021

I’m reigniting my blog, and would love to hear what topics you most want to read about.  Past entries have dealt with a variety of both career and career search issues, as well as marketing & business development for consulting practices. Leave a comment with the issues of most interest to you, and be as […]

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Brand by Writing

PR: It’s Not All About You

By John Hadley | Jun 28, 2021

PR: It’s Not All About You A Free Webinar: Monday, July 12 Noon Eastern / 11AM Central / 10AM Mountain / 9AM Pacific Many people struggle to build a brand, but make a critical mistake: They focus on themselves rather than their audience. Meta S. Brown is a data analytics expert who helps technical people […]

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