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5 Secrets - Homework Responses

"5 Secrets to Getting a Job You'll Love!"

Past Responses to the "Homework"

Here are the 2 questions I posed in the email I sent out as pre-work for the webinar:

  1. Thinking About AnswerWhere do I want to be in 5 years?
  2. What is my dream job? (Be as specific as possible.)

It can sometimes be helpful in unblocking your own thinking to see what others said.  So here's a compilation of some responses from past iterations:



In 5 years: Doing work that is technically challenging, learning and developing new things, in a position where I am respected by peers and management, feeling secure about planning retirement in an additional 5 - 10 years.

Dream job?

  • Work that is technically challenging.
  • Resources to learn new technologies.
  • Freedom to determine the best solutions for the requirements that are my responsibility.
  • Flexibility in work schedule and time off.
  • Short commute or telecommute options available.
  • Respect of peers and management.
  • Excellent pay and benefits.


In 5 years? Well established in a stable job.


Dream job? Evaluating companies for a VC or a product manager at a technology company.


In 5 years? Physically located in southern California. Employment-wise doing something I enjoy.

Dream job? Working on very large and very interesting projects, as a project manager and systems engineer.


In 5 years?

  • Enjoying my line of work, my work environment, and my work associates
  • Able to spend maximum time with family, on a daily/weekly basis
  • Earning sufficient income to support lifestyle, education for 3 children, home improvements, and hopefully some vacation time (today that would mean $90K plus)
  • I'd also like to be recognized and valued by my employer, both for reasons of job security and personal satisfaction and fulfillment.What is my dream job? If I knew what that was I'd probably already be there -- or at least better focused on the tasks/training needed to achieve that goal. Jobs I might enjoy include:
  • Engineering or science work related to interplanetary space missions. Since my high school years this has been my passion, but I've never pursued it. I believe I'd need far more educational training than I have today -- and I'm unwilling to move out of Monmouth County to seek new job opportunities. Also, I'm not excited about the notion of being on a government payroll, or of being subject to the uncertainties of government funding for space missions.
  • Based on aptitude and personality profile, I'd probably be a good match for a career in the actuarial sciences. However I'm starting a bit late, and I'd have a great deal of studying to do to prepare for the professional exams. Next round is coming up in May, and I'm considering giving it a try. But I suspect it would be much wiser for me to wait till the fall so I have time to prepare properly and thoroughly.


In 5 years? Viewed as a senior-level person in my dream job (see below), and possibly have the potential of either moving into a management position or a complimentary role within the organization.


Dream job?  The "perfect job" would be similar to the role I had managing the support contract lifecycle. The major difference I would look for now would be to find a match with a stronger company. I genuinely want to make my next company my last company.....I am looking to move to an organization where I can literally see myself until I am able (if ever!) to retire.


To that end, it is important that I look at companies with strong financials and market staying power. When I left, I gave six weeks notice because I was sincerely only leaving because of a once-in-a-lifetime chance to stay home with my daughter while she was younger. I would have gone back, but they continue to lay off employees in large numbers. My current situation has also opened my eyes a lot more regarding being careful about the financial health of an organization.


Beyond hoping to land with a strong organization, I'm looking for a position where I can make a positive difference with my strongest skills, which also happen to be the skills I most enjoy using. Those skills are relationship management (both external accounts and internal teams), communications, marketing, as well as process improvement/development. Essentially, I most enjoy roles where I can leverage my well-rounded background to bring people together and make great things happen. Depending on the company, typical titles for these roles might be Support Contract Renewal Specialist, Maintenance Contract Renewal Specialist, Support Sales Specialist, Sales Support, Inside Sales or Sales Operations.


Because I am looking for a permanent, long-term commitment, I also hope to find an organization that offers the ultimate potential of further career development and growth.


To be very specific, I also hope to come together with a role like the one I had not only in terms of the position itself, but in terms of the pay ($80k+/year) and the ability to telecommute. I am a very dedicated employee, but I also look for a company that respects my family life.


In 5 years? Lots of connections and track record of success in an industry that is doing well. Working for a company in that industry that has a good reputation moving toward a senior position.

Dream job? Head of business development for a company that offers a service/product that offers a better way to do something. I’d like to demonstrate that capability to others and negotiate business arrangements. I’d like to be down the hall from the owners and financial compensated for the success of the company.


In 5 years? In one year, I want to be working happily in my dream job, see below. In five years, I want to be part of the company's growth, reaping the benefits of being with the from the early days. I would travel about 25% of the time on the job and would have frequent flyers to visit my family in distant locations. I think it would be exciting to work for an up and coming company and would be proud to spend the twilight years of my career building something so awesome.


Dream job? A small training organization where I can both develop and deliver training on Information Technology topics. I would travel about 25% of the time, mostly within the US but also some international travel where I would be able to use the French that I've worked so hard to learn.


The classes I would develop would be a mix of eLearning and face to face classes. I would spend about half my time developing and the other half delivering Because this would be a small shop, there would not be a hierarchy of management, maybe just one or two levels above me. Management would have a "can do" attitude that would inspire the troops.


While my commute would be a small one, I would be encouraged to work from home when necessary to get some uninterrupted time to develop material. How could I not love such a company and be willing to give my all to make it a success. Going to work would be a delight.


In 5 years? I will be 56 years old (oh, my GOSH, how did THAT happen?!?). I want to be engaged in energizing work that feeds my soul and intellect and allows me to make a positive, meaningful contribution to others. I want to be earning a good salary that allows me to be saving adequately for retirement, while enjoying life with a balance of work and play. This is as specific as I am able to be right now.


Dream job? Doing something that I completely believe in that makes a tangible difference or improvement in others’ lives and/or for the planet:

  • Working with a wide variety of people, and lots of them. I thrive on making connections with people, encouraging them, and helping them to see “the connections among their talents, their actions, their mission, and their successes.” (Strengths Finder 2.0)
  • Communicating with others, especially “fostering dialogue among peers and colleagues.” (Strengths Finder 2.)
  • Contains an element of editing, and perhaps some writing.
  • A great boss who recognizes my achievements and helps me to further develop skills and strengths.
  • Hard-working, collaborative, fun-loving workmates with a common work ethic and vision.
  • Recognition – verbal and monetary – of my achievements.
  • Opportunity to learn new things and take on new challenges.
  • Conducting research to find the answers for others.
  • Grooming for advanced level of responsibility and rewards.
  • A workweek not longer than 45 hrs.
  • 5 weeks of vacation, plus traditional holidays.
  • Good benefits package.
  • Short commute.
  • Soothing workplace, lots of sunshine and plants, and calming music.
  • Generally do not prefer a supervisory role. Have done it, and it’s okay if supervisees are quality, hard workers like me. If they are problem performers, I’d rather not supervise.


In 5 years? To have had some experience in the design industry under my belt, have put out a few products on the market, and am applying to grad school.


Dream job? Working with kids, designing learning tools and toys for child development, which includes kids with disabilities. Designing toys that enable kids to think creatively. I want to work with the kids, doing user research and user testing.


In 5 years? CFO of a multinational entity.

Dream job? Senior Accountant at the multinational entity.


In 5 years? Able to "semi-retire" and work as much as I want as a technology consultant.

Dream job? CTO of a medium to large computer technology company.


In 5 years? I want to have a sharper idea of how I can contribute to the world through my vocation – perhaps I have just finished grad school in either a MBA or MPA.


Dream job? Directing a collaborative non-profit that is distributing resources in the urban community. It is about 25 very bright and motivated individuals.


In 5 years? This is always a tough question to answer. I really don't know the specifics. I can say that I want to be somewhere in a role that I'm helping people improve their lives,which in turn will help an organization grow to be the best they can be.


Dream job? A job in which I am able to provide individual counseling some of the time, and facilitate trainings for the other part of the time (wellness based-stress management, time management, managing change, diversity, etc). This can be a 50-50 split, or really anything to 75-25, I'd just like to be able to deliver both.


I'd like to work at a corporation that perhaps has a wellness program on site, as part of their employee benefits, maybe a division of HR, vs. farming these services out to an external company (such as an EAP).


In this role, I'd like to make a respectable salary. (I currently have a masters degree, a variety of licensure, have been in the field for about 15 years and get paid quite low. The social work - eap field typically pays quite poorly-this is part of why I'm seeking a transition.)


Regarding the clientele - for the counseling aspect, I really like working with any ages- 15 and older. I'd prefer to work with non-indigent populations.


In 5 years? Semi-retired, executive contract work on my schedule, training and speaking at various functions for trade shows and the business premise.


Dream job? Marketing for the Disney corporation as I am a large fan of their corporate culture and business.


In 5 years? I envision myself making significant advances in a perfect match scenario.


Dream job? One in which I am influencing a team that satisfies customers and contributes to the organization’s growth and prosperity. As the director of Program Management, I will be enjoying what I do, traveling as I go, making the money I need, loving my family, supporting my friends, serving others along the way and being the manifestation of my thoughts.


In 5 years? With an organization that is growing and thriving, in a Business Development position, where I have advanced due to my success.


Dream job? Owner or Managing Partner of the New York Yankees...Seriously- In a strategic Business Development Position, or Leadership position- specifically National Account/Major Account/Strategic Account.


In 5 years? Either in senior management in a go-ahead corporation (definitely not trapped in a “dumbth” bureaucracy) OR running my own training/consulting business, specializing in information security governance.


Dream job? able to leverage my skills and experience to support the business goals of the above corporation or working for myself with bright associates.


In 5 years? Happy in my job and feel like I'm part of the company community and feel like I'm adding value to making sure my customers are getting what they need.


Dream job? I am part of a company community that develops products/services that help people (internal/external customers) to more easily do their jobs and/or do things easier. My position is to help align roadmaps and processes and communications to ensure the products/services are developed to give the end user the best experience possible.

  • I want to be adding value to the company/team and be recognized for it.
  • I want to be in a position where I bridge the customer needs with the company goals.
  • I want to work in a collaborative work environment that has a base goal, but is open to change where necessary.
  • I need to be in a position where I am working on multiple projects/subjects/tasks at once where I can be both strategic and tactical.
  • I like organizations that are smaller - medium sized.
  • I am happy when I am recognized, and when I am happy in my job, I find I'm happier outside.
  • I want to make enough money to pay my bills and follow my passion for travel, cooking and learning about the world and people through experience.


In 5 years? Senior level ‘dream job’ with the company where I can grow with organization, contribute to the fullest and be recognized for my contributions.


Dream job? Director / Senior IT Management role with a mid- to large-sized or fast growing organization which takes pride in shaping the industry and fully utilizes potential of their IT organization. Business sectors: Consumer Goods, Utilities, Pharmaceutical, Financial and Consulting. Functional areas: Portfolio Program Management, Project Management Office, Business Relationship Management, Application Delivery.


I pride myself on strengths such as customer focus, high level of commitment and leading by example. At the same time I consider myself a self-starter who enjoys the challenge and can learn on my feet; that can deal with ambiguities and resolve difficult situations. At the end of the day, I want to be proud of the work that is being done by the team, as well as my personal contributions/leadership. I am looking for the opportunity which will utilize my strengths and allow me growth opportunities.


In 5 years? Leading a team of people and supporting my team members in their progress as well as growing and adding responsibilities to their list and to mine as well.

Dream job? Liaison between Business and Information Technology. Possibly Product Manager.


In 5 years?

  • Creating value for my family and company through effective problem solving
  • Financially secure enough to be doing exactly what I want to do with people I enjoy
  • Work when I want to
  • Healthy lifestyle including diet, exercise, social interaction with other couples

Dream job?

  • Investing 40 hours each week enjoying my job
  • Creative problem solving environment
  • Investing 10 or more hours each week giving back in the community, i.e. Habitat, Church, mentoring others
  • Self directed schedule
  • Possibly starting a new business that can be sold in 10 years to supplement our retirement / estate