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Landing A 6-Figure Job

"5 Secrets To Landing A 6-Figure Job"

Free 1 Hour Webinar: Thursday, 6/20 @ Noon Eastern / 9AM Pacific


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For years, I've inspired and motivated job seekers to take action with my "5 Secrets to Landing a Job You'll Love" program.


But what if you don't just want a job that you love, but also want it to be at the 6-figure level?  In this new webinar, I've adapted and up-scaled my webinar based on 2 decades of coaching hundreds of professionals to land those 6-figure jobs they deserve.


I'll share:

  • How to stop being a moving target, so you avoid wasting time ineffectively chasing opportunities that take you off track
  • Ways to present the unique value you bring to the table
  • Common presentation errors that undermine your search
  • How to build a network that catches those 6-figure opportunities
  • A road map for asking the right questions in the interview process that prove you are worth that 6-figure offer

The session will be by Zoom, so you can participate from the convenience of your home or office!


What have others said about this webinar?

  • "Today’s workshop was spot-on, regarding providing any enterprising professional with a guideline how to approach the job market more effectively."
  • "Great outline and the topics were right on.  All topics were helpful:  Focus, Powerful stories, Marketing materials, Networking, and Uncovering Needs."


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