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Career Journeys


"Career Journeys"
An Interactive Discussion

Running On Path

Do you struggle to get excited about a job that others say you should feel good about? Are you looking for a career that feels like it was made just for you?  There is a map that can guide you there!


Join me Thursday, April 27 at 4PM Eastern / 1PM Pacific for my free Career Journey's discussion.


Unlike our parents' and grandparents' days, careers nowadays rarely follow a simple, straight line.  I've worked with many clients who shifted directions midstream, sometimes multiple times. These varied from a minor shift to a radical change.  Some continued in the corporate world, others carved out successful consulting practices.


I've also made two major career transitions myself, ultimately to my current (final?) career as Job Search Strategist.  I enjoy sharing what I've learned about career journeys, and this series of interview lets me add into the mix what has worked for others.  Join me as I explore the clues to fulfilling transitions, to help you uncover the recipe for success in your own career journey.


On April 27, I'm going to interview Joe Magid on his career journey that has included teaching and coaching & judging gymnastics, health care IT, business process re-engineering and running his own company.  I'm going to interview him on exactly what led to each transition, and his key learnings from each.  Join us to hear how Joe navigated the ups and downs to craft an interesting and fulfilling career path.  We'll take your questions as well, so line them up! 


Join us as we embark on this 1 hour journey Thursday, April 27

4PM Eastern / 3PM Central / 2PM Mountain / 1PM Pacific.

(If you can't make it live, I will make a recording available to registrants for a limited time afterwards.)


Speaker Bios

John Hadley ( is known as The Job Search Strategist, and has specialized for 2 decades in helping job seekers who are frustrated with their search. A popular and sought-after speaker and author on every aspect of the job hunt, he has coached 100's to land the job and pay they deserve, and helped thousands through his seminars, tele-classes, webinars, videos and insightful Career Tips newsletter.


Joe Magid's career has had quite a few twists and turns over the course of 40 years.  He started out teaching high school Math and Physics, coached and judged gymnastics, and then moved into health care IT to business process re-engineering (though that term didn't quite exist yet).  He founded his own IT management consulting company, created proprietary strategic management software, moved into finance IT and then a second, much different stint in health care IT. Each stop along the way had a myriad of challenges and opportunities as well as some interesting stories, which he will share with us.


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