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Messy Desk Syndrome

"Do You Suffer From Messy Desk Syndrome?"

From Career Tips, 2005 Volume 1, January 2005

I've always been impressed by those who are able to keep an immaculate desk, working on the "1 page, 1 time" philosophy. I've done better at it some times than at others. This week I came across the results of a study done by Ajilon Office, part of global staffing firm Adecco Group. They conducted a phone survey of 2,039 adults last May, with these results:

  • Higher earnings = more mess; only 11% of those making more than $75,000 described themselves as "neat freaks", vs. 66% of those earning less than $35,000.
  • More education = more mess; 16% of college graduates claimed to be tidy desk workers, vs. 29% of high school graduates.
  • Older = more mess; 36% of older workers claimed a clean desk vs. 60% of those 18-24.

    Maybe there's still hope for me!