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My Value Proposition Haiku Contest


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Contest Presented in Career Tips, 2014 Volume 4, April


I was at birthday celebration where everyone was asked to write a limerick or haiku for the celebrant, and it got my creative juices flowing. I commented on the exercise to Deirdre, one of the organizers, who suggested that any job seeker who could reduce their value proposition to a haiku would really stand out. That led to my contest to submit a haiku that you think reflects your value proposition, or at least an important facet of it.


In case you’ve forgotten what a haiku is, it’s a 3 line poem, in the 5 / 7 / 5 format: the first line is exactly 5 syllables, the 2nd 7 and the 3rd 5. Here’s an example, for my own personal value proposition:

Helping job seekers
Frustrated with their searches
Always rewarding


Career Coaching can
Help make opportunities
More often find you

Here is the set of responses I received.  My thanks to everyone who participated!


Strategic Thinker
Unique Global Perspective
Science Admirer
Bryon Robidoux

Numerical mess?
I can clean up, solve, write, teach --
your all-in-one geek
Mary Pat Campbell

Actuary’s work
Ninety percent detective
Ten percent magic
Mark Seliber


Tough projects excite,
Helps the adrenaline flow,
Job done well on time.
John Washburn


Creative thinking
Strong data analysis
Produce good results
Greg Brandner


I learn, apply, share.
My methods are lean and clean.
Duplications gone.


Knowledge is power
Calling all science buffs to
Build a knowledge base
Anand Devasthanam


Group Annuities
Helping Pension Managers
Maximize Value
Diane Lloyd


Ensure data for
Technical Development
Meets compliance needs


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