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Hit The Ground Running

Starting a new job can be both energizing and a bit scary. New bosses, new expectations, a new job environment. A steady stream of 1st impressions, and you only get one shot at each!

  • Are you hesitant to ask too many questions, for fear that your boss expects you to already know the answers?
  • Are you clear on your boss's expectations?
  • Do you have a strategy for assimilating the unwritten rules of the new company - those behaviors, styles and norms that aren't covered in the employee manuals?

    It can take many people a year or more to fully integrate into a new job. Can you afford to wait that long? How would it feel to have a collaborator to help you put your best foot forward and set the stage for long term career growth? Everyone could benefit from this level of support, but frankly, not everyone is ready.

    I love to talk with people who are really serious about making the most of new opportunities - who want to make absolutely the best series of first impressions, and set the stage for future promotions! If you are one of those people, let's talk and explore if working together to make that happen is for you.

    Hit The Ground Running

    In this complimentary session, we will explore your strategies for making sure that those 1st impressions of you, your attitude and your operating style are the best they can be. We will uncover issues that could stand in your way in making the most of these critical opening months of a new job. In the process, we will see if there is a fit, and if so, I will explain exactly how we could work together to help you achieve your goals.

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