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How Secure Am I

How Secure Am I?

by John West Hadley, Principal

John Hadley Associates

Career Search & Career Enhancement Counseling

In August, I reported on 2 recent polls that suggested at least 70% of us are not in our "dream jobs", and our own poll gave similar results. In September, we asked "How secure do you feel at your current employer?", with these results:

22% My employer would never be foolish enough to let me go!
39% Pretty secure.
22% There's a 50/50 chance something will happen in the next year.
6% I'm pretty sure I'm in trouble.
11% I've been given my notice, or am out of work now!

I'm glad to hear that 61% of you are feeling pretty secure. For the rest of you, what's holding you back from at least exploring how you might change things?