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Path to Career Reinvention


"The Path to Career Reinvention"
A Free Webinar

Running On Path

Do you struggle to get excited about a job that others say you should feel good about? Are you looking for a career that feels like it was made just for you?  There is a map that can guide you there!


Join me Thursday, July 28 at Noon Eastern / 9AM Pacific for the next installment of my free Reinvent Your Career webinar series.


I've worked with numerous clients who reinvented themselves. Sometimes this involved a minor shift, others a radical change.  Some continued in the corporate world, others created huge success for themselves in the consulting world.  I've also made two successful career transitions myself, and want to share what I've learned. And I want to bring into the mix what has worked for others. Thus, I've embarked on a series of webinars to explore the clues that helped create successful transitions, to help you uncover the recipe for reinvention.


For this next one, I'm going to interview Stacy Rowan, Human Design & Mindset Coach on her path from engineering through technical writing and fine art, to end up exactly where she was meant to be.


Join us as we embark on this 1 hour journey Thursday, July 28

Noon Eastern / 11AM Central / 10AM Mountain / 9AM Pacific.

(If you can't make it live, I will make a recording available to registrants for a limited time afterwards.)


Speaker Bios

John Hadley ( is known as The Job Search Strategist, and has specialized for almost 20 years in helping job seekers who are frustrated with their search. A popular and sought-after speaker and author on every aspect of the job hunt, he has coached 100's to land the job and pay they deserve, and helped thousands through his seminars, tele-classes, webinars, videos and insightful Career Tips newsletter.


Stacy Rowan ( took the scenic route to get to her current career as a life coach for entrepreneurs. Although she was “born a coach”, her career stops took her from engineering through technical writing and fine art to end up exactly where she was meant to be. Now she guides people to create a business & life that feels custom built, completely authentic, and perfectly fit for who they are.  To find that authentic life, she shows you how to stop being overwhelmed by the opinions of others and what they think you should do, stop getting stuck in indecision, take less action and get more results, understand what makes you unique, understand what environments and actions will support your success, and trust in your ability to succeed and enjoy life.


Participation in this session will be limited.

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