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Sample Marketing Headlines

Network Like A Pro"
"Make A Lasting Impression!"
12/20/04 Webinar

Sample Marketing Headlines

Career Search & Enhancement Counselor
Solution: “I help job seekers find the Best Job Now!”
Problem: “I help job seekers who are struggling to get interviews tap into the hidden job market so they can find the Best Job Now!”

Solution: “I help people navigate around obstacles to achieving their career potential.”
Problem: “I help people who are frustrated that their job or career path isn’t as satisfying as it once was, navigate around obstacles to achieving their career potential.”

Solution: “I assist people with back problems get back to work and back to better health.”
Problem: “I assist people with nagging back problems that they’ve been putting up with but just can’t seem to get rid of.”

IT Training
Solution: "I help workers understand their computer software."

Management Consultant
Problem: “We work with companies who are frustrated that they are losing productivity and collaboration because of conflict.”

Marketing Consultant
Solution: "I help you increase your business network by 21% in 21 days or less."

Organizational Consultant
Solution: “I help people get organized so that they can find what they want when they need it.”

Personal Assistant
Solution: “I take away the work gremlins so my boss can climb mountains.”

Presentation Skills Trainer
Solution: “I help people slay the dragons of fear when they get up to speak.”

Systems Testing
Problem: "I work with companies who are frustrated that new systems or programs don’t work exactly as advertised, by helping ensure they do what they are supposed to."

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