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Landing First Job You'll Love

"5 Secrets To Landing that First Job You'll Love"

Free 1 Hour Webinar: Thursday, 11/16 @ 4:30PM Eastern / 1:30PM Pacific


For years, I've inspired and motivated job seekers at all levels to take action with my "5 Secrets to Landing a Job You'll Love" program.

Sharing A Secret
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But what if you are just starting out?  I've adapted my webinar based on 2 decades of coaching hundreds of job-seeking professionals, to focus specifically on what you need to do to land that first job you'll love that puts your career on the right track.


I'll share how to:

  • Identify the right direction and focus your search, so you avoid wasting time and make yourself more attractive to employers
  • Tell powerful stories that engage hiring managers, even when you don't feel you have the depth of experience that would make you unique
  • Craft those powerful marketing materials that support your search
  • Build a network that catches opportunities for you
  • Turn an interview into an influential conversation that maximizes the odds of getting an offer


This webinar is specifically designed for those:

  • Still in school, but gearing up for the job market
  • Recently out of school, and not yet landed
  • Employed, but not yet in a fulfilling role that puts their career on the right track


(If you are further along in your career, consider attending my free "5 Secrets to Landing a 6-Figure Job" webinar.)


Don't miss out, sign up now!  The session will be by Zoom, so you can participate from the convenience of your home or office!


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