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(Influential Leadership) Pay Attention To Tension

By John Hadley | Jul 16, 2021

What is Tension Anyway? The critical factor that determines what changes someone will make and when those changes occur is TENSION. Tension can be defined as the urgency one feels to do something.   Tension determines what some will notice and what they will ignore. A key principle to remember is that people pay attention […]

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What Topics Do You Want To See?

By John Hadley | Jul 6, 2021

I’m reigniting my blog, and would love to hear what topics you most want to read about.  Past entries have dealt with a variety of both career and career search issues, as well as marketing & business development for consulting practices. Leave a comment with the issues of most interest to you, and be as […]

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PR: It’s Not All About You

By John Hadley | Jun 28, 2021

PR: It’s Not All About You A Free Webinar: Monday, July 12 Noon Eastern / 11AM Central / 10AM Mountain / 9AM Pacific Many people struggle to build a brand, but make a critical mistake: They focus on themselves rather than their audience. Meta S. Brown is a data analytics expert who helps technical people […]

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Hit The Ground Running In Your New Job

Hit The Ground Running In Your New Job

By John Hadley | Feb 4, 2021

Over the next few weeks, let’s explore some of the ways you can make the most of your new job… Before you even start your new job, you need to think about the networking you’ve done and the contacts you’ve made during your search. Hopefully, you’ve kept careful records of who you’ve met along the […]

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Phrases To Kill Your Search

Phrases To Kill Your Search

By John Hadley | Dec 17, 2019

In my travels, I get to hear and see a lot of elevator pitches, marketing messages, sales pieces, cover letters, résumés, engagement bios, etc.  Most of these include phrases that range from meaningless to unhelpful to seriously detrimental to any attempt to market yourself or your practice. Over the next several weeks, I’m going to publish […]

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Pause Your Job Search For The Holidays?

By John Hadley | Dec 26, 2010

Many candidates make the mistake of all but stopping their searches from Thanksgiving to New Years, thinking that the holidays are an unproductive time.  Nothing could be further from the truth!   Here’s my attempt to put a stake in the heart of that false assumption:

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Describing Yourself In An Interview

By John Hadley | Aug 29, 2010

In both interviews and one-on-one networking meetings, you want to have a good answer to “Tell Me About Yourself.” Even if you are never asked the question, you want to find a way to work this into your presentation. This is how you draw for the other person the picture you want of what you […]

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How To Handle A Bad Reference

By John Hadley | Aug 14, 2010

I came across a good discussion of  how to handle a bad reference in a job-search-related blog.It highlights a very key point when seeking critique in any situation – don’t get defensive.  As soon as you start to try to explain why something isn’t a problem, you shut down the input you might have received.  […]

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What Is Your Biggest Obstacle To Career Growth?

By John Hadley | Jul 10, 2010

I invite you to submit your answers to this question:“What Is Your Biggest Obstacle To Career Growth?”Post your answers in a comment to this entry, and then I will write my suggestions for dealing with those issues.In the meanwhile, here’s an article on Achieving Your Career Potential: to my RSS feed of this Career Accelerator […]

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