(Influential Leadership) Push The Envelope

Every once in a while, we need to step back and reflect on ways to raise our standards, step out of our comfort zones, take a chance – push the envelope.  So ponder this question:


“How can I push the envelope this week?”


Envelope With Superman Stamps

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This is a question I’ve been asking all of my coaching clients recently. People naturally settle into a groove, even if it’s a “successful groove”.  Moving beyond that is key to personal and business growth.


Identify specific ways you can play even larger


Here are some examples:

  • Put more presence in your presentation.
  • Be more masterful in the way you run that next meeting.
  • Be even more proactive to move that project along.
  • Find a way to over-deliver for one of your clients.
  • Reach out to to a key stakeholder you’ve been too intimidated to call.


Whatever it is for you, the key is to ask the above question and think of how you can stretch yourself and keep growing professionally.


If you practice this discipline regularly, you will find a new energy in the way you approach your craft and the way you impact people.


This Week’s Leadership Action Step:


  1. Identify one thing you will do this week to push the envelope.  (Take action.)
  2. Drop us a note or post a comment with what you have committed to do.  (Create some accountability!)
  3. Let us know what happens. (Follow through.)


Contributed by David C Miller

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