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Laid Off Too Often

Dear Career Tips: Laid Off Too Often

From Career Tips, 2019 Volume 6, June 2019


Sad Green Monster

I have a Gremlin related to my career.


I am currently employed but not at the job level I desire or expect with my experience. I was impacted by 3 layoffs in 3 years and rebounding back into the right role has been difficult. The thought I have to shake is that with the number of layoffs, hiring managers would be turned off about hiring me for a senior management role. Why take a chance on someone with that in their recent work history when there are other qualified candidates who do not have that?


Dear Laid Off:

You aren’t defined by happening to have been laid off, rather by your accomplishments and the results you have created in the past. What are the great things that make you better than others?


The more you worry about the layoffs, the more that becomes the issue. You need to get deeply in touch with what you bring to the table, and present that confidently. If I’m so shortsighted as to get hung up on the fact that you’ve had a few layoffs, then I’m not the person you want to work for, anyway!


And the fact that you’ve been laid off by several companies means that you have experience with how several companies operate. That in itself can make you more valuable for a senior management role. Plus, you may be more sensitized to the impact of layoffs, how to help a company avoid the need for them, and if push comes to shove, how to administer them in the most humane way possible.


One of the keys to answering questions about 'issues' in your background is to keep it simple. Click here for more on that.


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