The 2nd Question Your Résumé Must Answer

Last time we dove into the 1st of the 3 questions your résumé MUST answer to get a hiring manager to sit up and take notice, “Does it have a strong professional appearance.”  Now let’s look at #2:


Does it pass the 10-second test?


Group Success

Let’s face it – recruiters, HR professionals, and hiring managers are busy people. Typically they receive hundreds of résumés for any opening they might have. You can’t possibly expect them to take the time to read all of those in any detail. Unless your résumé grabs their attention in 10 seconds or less, it is very likely going into the ‘maybe I’ll look at it again later’ pile, and we all know how many of those actually get a second look!


Instead of opening up with an “Objective,” which is about you, start with a statement that’s relevant to a hiring manager. In fact, I’ve rarely seen an “Objective” that was particularly helpful. Focus instead on the package you bring to the table, and the problems that will enable you to solve.


And don’t waste time making meaningless statements like, “Excellent written and oral communication skills.” How is that going to set you apart from anyone else, particularly when so many people include a similar statement? Why should anyone believe you?


Instead, give an example of how you have made persuasive presentations, written reports that secured crucial funding, etc.


Read about the 3rd question.

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