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Phrases To Kill Your Search

In my travels, I get to hear and see a lot of elevator pitches, marketing messages, sales pieces, cover letters, résumés, engagement bios, etc.  Most of these include phrases that range from meaningless to unhelpful to seriously detrimental to any attempt to market yourself or your practice.   Over the next several weeks, I’m going to […]

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Shopping List

Does Your Résumé Have Enough of the Right Keywords?

Candidates are very concerned about the screening process they hit when they submit to posted openings, and how to get their résumé to the top of the pile.  One critical aspect is keywords.  My good friend Alex Freund wrote a simple, step-by-step approach to this in his blog.   Sometimes I hear people giving advice to put

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Reviewing a resume

Flaws In Your Résumé or Background

I was reading Abby Kohut’s excellent book, Absolutely Abby’s 101 Job Search Secrets, and came across this statement: “Prepare a good reason for any gaps on your resume in addition to an explanation of what activities you were involved in that may have enhanced your career, including personal activities. Gaps are typically not the reason

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No Trespassing Signs

Phrases to Kill Your Search, #3

Here’s the next of my search-killing phrases:   “I’m a results-oriented professional…”   or this variation:   “Proven results in…”   These are used all the time in résumés and cover letters, or even in oral 30-second pitches…and they do absolutely nothing for you.   Remember the adult voices on all the Charlie Brown specials,

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Empty Classroom

Where’s The Beef?

OK, I’m probably dating myself here…remember those Wendy’s commercials in the 1980’s, when a little old lady ordered competitors burgers, only to exclaim “Where’s the beef?”   I’m reminded of those ads when I see resumes that say things like “results-oriented”, “highly motivated”, “outstanding communication skills”, and one of my favorites, “proven results in …”   These are

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“Old Hand” Needs New Tricks

“John, I took your “5 Secrets” seminar in 2005, when the software company I worked for essentially collapsed. I then went with another small software start-up, which was acquired last year “at below market rates” and was immediately laid off by the acquiring company.   Since then I have pursued two directions: My passion, returning

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