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What Topics Do You Want To See?

I’m reigniting my blog, and would love to hear what topics you most want to read about.  Past entries have dealt with a variety of both career and career search issues, as well as marketing & business development for consulting practices.

Leave a comment with the issues of most interest to you, and be as specific as possible.  Thanks in advance for your help!

2 thoughts on “What Topics Do You Want To See?”

  1. These days many interviews are held as video calls. What are the best practices for how to improve your interview results?

    In face to face interviews, whether they be one-on-one or a panel, you get to see the interviewers and read their body language. The interviewers also cannot share information during the interview.

    In video interviews, you may not always see the video of every interviewer(s). You end up losing the body language and the interviewers can be chatting together during the interview.

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