Describing Yourself In An Interview

In both interviews and one-on-one networking meetings, you want to have a good answer to “Tell Me About Yourself.”


Even if you are never asked the question, you want to find a way to work this into your presentation. This is how you draw for the other person the picture you want of what you bring to the table. Instead of the other person focusing a lot of their attention on trying to draw their own picture, you’ve put your own stake in the ground first.


One way to present it that I have found to be quite successful is the “HERO Story” approach. Here is my template.


Just don’t make the mistake of memorizing a story that comes out exactly the same every time you tell it. As soon as ANY answer is the “Best” answer, it ceases to even be a “good” answer, because it starts to sound rehearsed and phony.


I often advise people to come up with the best answer they can, and then to tear up the script. Having your story (or any answer) come out a little bit different every time you tell it keeps it fresh and real.


Post a comment with the challenges you run into crafting your HERO Story, and I’ll give you suggestions on how to move past those.  Or if you’re really stuck, maybe you should consider 1-on-1 coaching.

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