Working With Recruiters

I just came across this posting to a variety of networking groups to which I belong:

“As you probably already know recruiters usually have the best jobs in the market, the ones that are not posted. The ones only the recruiter can get because of his or her relationship with the client.

A good recruiter can be worth more than GOLD to a client company. Most CEO’s will tell you they are only as good as their people. Ever get frustrated with recruiters not calling you back or following up after you have submitted your resume? Want to get noticed?

The facts are that recruiters are commission driven and they work on what they think can close fast. It’s just the nature of the business; if recruiters don’t get people hired then they don’t eat. Sure some companies pay base salary’s but that is for rent not food.

If you want to get the attention and get noticed then you have to be willing to help the process along.

See the five tips here:

While these are good points, they are mostly from the recruiter’s point of view.

As a candidate, you want to also make sure you are working with very good recruiters in your specific field. As with any profession, there is a small percentage of very strong performers, a large percentage who are average, and a large percentage who aren’t all that good. You want to work primarily with the top recruiters.

You want to be sure that they have a strong track record of placements in your industry, in your specific job, at your compensation level. Just as you would expect a quality recruiter to interview you before agreeing to present you, you should expect to interview them before agreeing to be presented.

For more on how to work effectively with recruiters (from the candidate’s point of view), see this article:

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