Too Much “We”?

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We’ve been told how important it is to demonstrate that we are good team players, and to give credit to others. And that is very true.


However, this can lead to a common mistake in job interviews: too much ‘we’.


A job interview is about you – what you will do, what results you will produce, what challenges you will solve, what you will bring to the table.


When you talk all about the things “we” did, I may start to wonder what you actually contributed. Plus, it leaves the impression that perhaps you only operate well when you are working in a group, and may struggle a bit when left to your own devices.


This is a particular issue when talking about what you did on a team project. I want to hear what you actually contributed to the team’s efforts and results, and if I don’t, I’m likely to be suspicious of how important your contributions were.


Instead of saying “I was on team x that produced y”, make a statement that gives an idea of how you advanced their efforts, or even just what your role was, such as “I provided the actuarial leadership to team x that produced y.”


None of this means you shouldn’t use ‘we’ in your stories. You do want a balance, that also shows that you do support team efforts and contribution. Just be sure to balance the ‘we’ with enough ‘I’ to show exactly what you contributed in every situation.


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