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Former Boss Sabotages Reference Checks

By John Hadley | Feb 28, 2009

“I have one documented reference check on my most recent former boss, which shows that she talked in detail responding to questions about items in my resume with the caller.  This is totally against company policy, which I drafted while I worked there and implemented with our department, which is to only verify dates of […]

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Dealing With An Unfair Termination

By John Hadley | Feb 22, 2009

“I was recently terminated from my employer of twelve years due to a company infraction of which I am innocent. I was fired for allegedly taking some training notes from a co-worker, which had no value to me. I am innocent but now I find myself in a situation where I have no idea how […]

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Girl With Magnifying Glass

Misconceptions About An Effective Job Search Campaign

By John Hadley | Feb 14, 2009

“So you lost your job or maybe you just quit, or maybe you are thinking of quitting. The best thing you can do for yourself is get right into an aggressive job search campaign where you can re-direct the energies, the frustration, the emotion, and the creativity that you normally channeled into your regular job. […]

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When & How To Resign

By John Hadley | Jan 19, 2009

“I started two years ago as a temp to hire with the belief that my salary would increase when I became full time. It did not and I was already into the position for months, and made the decision to stay because when my review would come then my salary would increase. It did, about 30 cents. Also, I have […]

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The Power Of Thank You Notes

By John Hadley | Dec 29, 2008

My son ran into his High School AP Biology teacher at the grocery store yesterday.  George was thrilled to see him, and told him how much he appreciated the thank you card Michael sent him for writing a recommendation letter in support of Michael’s scholarship application.  George went on to say,   “Out of the […]

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How To Kill Every Interview

By John Hadley | Dec 27, 2008

Don’t you just hate getting invited in for too many interviews? Especially those where you might end up forced to expend precious mental energy evaluating a lucrative offer for your dream job? To save a lot of time and energy, here are some tried and true methods to ensure you kill off those interviews as quickly […]

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Hit The Ground Running (Part 3)

By John Hadley | Dec 20, 2008

OK, so now you’ve actually started the job. Look around you. You are embarking on a seemingly endless series of first impressions – and those can have a lasting impact on your career at your new company.   People are making snap judgments about you: Will you make my job easier, more difficult, or are […]

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Hit The Ground Running (Part 2)

By John Hadley | Dec 13, 2008

OK, you’ve let everyone know about your success, your new contact information, and generally ensured that they will continue to be valued members of your network going forward.  What’s next?   Now you want to start making the best possible impression at the new job.  One way to do that even before you start is […]

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Recontacting Recruiter

By John Hadley | Nov 28, 2008

Posting to a networking group I belong to I applied for a job in July and received an interview but did not get the position. The recruiter gave me her business card and told me if I ever have any questions to contact her.  Recently I found a new post on a new position at […]

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