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Stand Up For Phone Interviews

By John Hadley | Nov 2, 2008

A simple, yet powerful phone interview technique: Stand up! Get a headset or a cordless phone, or use your cell phone, so you are freed up to stand during the phone interview. (DON’T do it by being on a speakerphone.) Standing will increase your energy level and will give you more of a tendency to […]

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Résumé Writers

By John Hadley | Oct 25, 2008

I’ve several times responded to people posting requests like this: “I need assistance in writing a successful résumé for a mid-senior management level position in the finance/operations area. I am looking for a finance or operations professional who can sit down and work with a mid-senior level manager to write a winning résumé.” My response? […]

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Presenting A Powerful Message

By John Hadley | Oct 11, 2008

Posted to a networking group to which I belong: “I was recently consulting in finance for 8 months and got let go. My position was in marketing, but now I want to explore other opportunities either outside of finance or other marketing or possibly even sales outside of finance. I need a new challenge and […]

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Elevator Pitch vs. 2 Minute Pitch

By John Hadley | Oct 5, 2008

I was asked to write on the difference between the “Elevator Pitch” and the “2 Minute Pitch”, and the elements that go into each. An “Elevator Pitch” is the short, engaging statement you are going to make to draw someone into conversation with you. The term comes from the idea that it should be short enough to deliver between floors […]

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Your Message: Focus On Results

By John Hadley | Oct 4, 2008

This is excerpted from a posting to a group to which I belong: I have been searching for a few months, and have not found a really good management recruitment firm to work with.  At the suggestion of a member of the group, I figured I would come to you folks and see if I might […]

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Phone Messages

By John Hadley | Sep 6, 2008

I came across this advice some time ago for how to reach out to a hiring manager who has an opening: “If the manager’s secretary answers, introduce yourself and ask for the manager by name. Expect that she will tell you he is not available and ask the purpose of your call. Do not, under […]

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Working With Recruiters

By John Hadley | Sep 5, 2008

Recruiters can be critical contacts in a Career Search, but you need to go about working with them the right way.  Just as in any profession, there are a large number of average (or worse) recruiters, and a small percentage of top-notch professionals. You want to be selective, choosing to work actively only with those who […]

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When To Talk About Salary (Redux)

By John Hadley | Aug 30, 2008

When I first wrote my piece “When to Talk About Salary”, I received the following comment: “I couldn’t disagree with your comments about salary more. Hiring someone is an economic transaction. To not talk about salary is to hide part of the facts of the transaction from one of the parties involved in the deal. There […]

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When to Talk About Salary

By John Hadley | Aug 14, 2008

When a job seeker told me he’d had a great interview, but that they wouldn’t pay him enough to make it worthwhile, I asked how he knew. His answer: “Because I asked them what the range was.” I asked why he did that. The question surprised him. “Because I wanted to know … but don’t worry, I […]

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