How To Handle A Bad Reference

A Bad Review

I came across a good discussion of  how to handle a bad reference in a job-search-related blog.  While the blog seems to have been closed, here was the essence of their point:


A key point when seeking critique in any situation is this – don’t get defensive.  As soon as you start to try to explain why something isn’t a problem, you shut down the input you might have received.  And in this case, where there is already (apparently) a relationship issue, you can actually make the situation worse.


You want to show that you are a mature professional, and even you aren’t successful in changing the negative perception of PAST performance, it can help that former boss to see you in a new light.


I wrote a related piece some time back on the more general issue of how best to seek critique.


Try it, and let me know what happens.  Leave a comment here.


And while the blog item I originally read no longer exists, here’s another piece on the subject that gives good advice on the topic.

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