John Hadley Greeting Someone

Don’t Be Transactional

I’ve written before about the all-too-common mistake networkers make, of approaching networking in a ‘transactional’ manner.  This is especially an issue for many job seekers, who have been told that networking is the most productive avenue for their search (true), but who let their single-minded focus on getting a job make their approach too transactional

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No Trespassing Signs

Phrases To Kill Your Search

In my travels, I get to hear and see a lot of elevator pitches, marketing messages, sales pieces, cover letters, résumés, engagement bios, etc.  Most of these include phrases that range from meaningless to unhelpful to seriously detrimental to any attempt to market yourself or your practice.   Over the next several weeks, I’m going to

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Reviewing a resume

Flaws In Your Résumé or Background

I was reading Abby Kohut’s excellent book, Absolutely Abby’s 101 Job Search Secrets, and came across this statement: “Prepare a good reason for any gaps on your resume in addition to an explanation of what activities you were involved in that may have enhanced your career, including personal activities. Gaps are typically not the reason

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