Quick Tip for Phone Interviews

Woman Excited On Phone

I’ve had a lot going on lately, so I haven’t been as diligent about posting.  I welcome your comments on any issues frustrating you about your career or career search, and then I’ll address those issues here.


In the meanwhile, phone interviews make a lot of candidates nervous:

  • You can’t see the interviewer’s body language, and you don’t get those visual cues that tell you if your answer is being received well, or if  perhaps you should expand on what you said.
  • You’re worried about the quality of your connection.
  • You may not be sure what to do if the call doesn’t come through exactly when you expect / when it’s scheduled.
  • Etc.


Here is a quick tip to help calm you down and be more effective in phone interviewing (from the candidate’s point of view):


Quick Tips for Phone Interviews


And if you have any other suggestions for how to make the most of phone (or video) interviews, leave a comment!

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