Stand Up For Phone Interviews

Person Standing Confidently

A simple, yet powerful phone interview technique: Stand up!


Get a headset or a cordless phone, or use your cell phone, so you are freed up to stand during the phone interview.


DON’T do it by being on a speakerphone, as that can create distortions or create an echo chamber effect for the other party.


Standing will increase your energy level and will give you more of a tendency to show passion. It will actually change the timbre of your voice (positively).


It also helps you avoid a trap – relying too heavily on your printed notes and résumé, which can lead to your delivery sounding stilted, and delays in your answers as you search for the right piece of material.


You can also consider using this technique for video interviews.  Get a standing desk, or set up your laptop in a spot where it’s raised enough to put you at standing level comfortably.

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  1. First, John thanks a lot for your dad story. I appreciate it. And I will be back to visit your blog.

    Well done.
    GL Hoffman

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