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The Power Of Thank You Notes

By John Hadley | Dec 29, 2008

My son ran into his High School AP Biology teacher at the grocery store yesterday.  George was thrilled to see him, and told him how much he appreciated the thank you card Michael sent him for writing a recommendation letter in support of Michael’s scholarship application.  George went on to say, “Out of the hundreds of […]

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How To Kill Every Interview

By John Hadley | Dec 27, 2008

(Re-Printed by popular request, from my Career Tips newsletter) Don’t you just hate getting invited in for too many interviews? Especially those where you might end up forced to expend precious mental energy evaluating a lucrative offer for your dream job? To save a lot of time and energy, here are some tried and true methods to ensure […]

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Hit The Ground Running (Part 3)

By John Hadley | Dec 20, 2008

OK, so now you’ve actually started the job. Look around you. You are embarking on a seemingly endless series of first impressions – and those can have a lasting impact on your career at your new company. People are making snap judgments about you: Will you make my job easier, more difficult, or are you […]

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Hit The Ground Running (Part 2)

By John Hadley | Dec 13, 2008

OK, you’ve let everyone know about your success, your new contact information, and generally ensured that they will continue to be valued members of your network going forward.  What’s next? Now you want to start making the best possible impression at the new job.  One way to do that even before you start is to […]

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Recontacting Recruiter

By John Hadley | Nov 28, 2008

Posting to a networking group I belong to I applied for a job in July and recieved an interview but did not get the position. The recruiter gave me her business card and told me if I ever have any questions to contact her.  Recently I found a new post on a new position at the same company.  […]

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Interview or Free Consulting?

By John Hadley | Nov 15, 2008

This question was posted to an on-line group “Last year I was asked by four companies to give them article ideas and suggestions for improving their products. After spending considerable time on these requests, I still got turned down.  I was told it wasn’t the quality of my work, rather, the other candidate just had […]

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Stand Up For Phone Interviews

By John Hadley | Nov 2, 2008

A simple, yet powerful phone interview technique: Stand up! Get a headset or a cordless phone, or use your cell phone, so you are freed up to stand during the phone interview. (DON’T do it by being on a speakerphone.) Standing will increase your energy level and will give you more of a tendency to […]

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Résumé Writers

By John Hadley | Oct 25, 2008

I’ve several times responded to people posting requests like this: “I need assistance in writing a successful résumé for a mid-senior management level position in the finance/operations area. I am looking for a finance or operations professional who can sit down and work with a mid-senior level manager to write a winning résumé.” My response? […]

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Presenting A Powerful Message

By John Hadley | Oct 11, 2008

Posted to a networking group to which I belong: “I was recently consulting in finance for 8 months and got let go. My position was in marketing, but now I want to explore other opportunities either outside of finance or other marketing or possibly even sales outside of finance. I need a new challenge and […]

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