(Influential Leadership) Don’t Quit!

Never Give Up Message

I make it a habit to pay attention to patterns that make some successful while others fail. I look at my own life and look at times I’ve achieved and times it hasn’t worked out.


In the course of building four different businesses, there is one quality that is germane to reaching your goals: persistence. In essence, “continuing to take action until you succeed”.


This doesn’t mean continuing to do the exact same thing that hasn’t been effective. Successful persistence involves learning as we go and making refinements along the way – but also never stopping forward momentum!


Persistence is all about not giving up. We have many references of people who have demonstrated this:

  • Thomas Edison failed 999 times before succeeding in creating the incandescent light bulb.
  • Colonel Sanders was rejected 1,009 times for his idea of a restaurant.
  • Walt Disney went bankrupt seven times and was turned down by 402 banks in the course of realizing his dream.


Whatever your dream is for your career, business or life – remember these two words – DON’T QUIT!


Otherwise, you may miss the realization of this dream by quitting a year, a month, a day or even a moment too soon.

Please watch this 4-minute video – it will inspire you to keep moving toward your leadership dreams and goals!

(Contributed by David C Miller.)

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