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(Influential Leadership) Master Communications To Strengthen Relationships

Last time we talked about a tool called The Reality Checklist (designed by Tony Robbins). This tool is very effective at helping one handle relational upsets in their personal and professional lives. You know, those misunderstandings that cause us to question another person’s intentions.   Now let’s look at the anatomy of a conversation that […]

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(Influential Leadership) Reality Bridging

It’s not unusual in the workplace to have upsets in relationships.  As an influential leader, you must be equipped to navigate these upsets.  Read this week’s tip for a phenomenal tool that will help you masterfully do this.   The Reality Bridging Technique How do you handle relational upsets in the workplace?   Most of

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(Influential Leadership) Avoid The Blame Game

It’s tempting to cast blame when things go wrong.   This will not serve you well as leader.  See this advice from the exceptional consultant, Alan Weiss:   Find cause and not blame. We become preoccupied in business and life with finding a scapegoat, a villain, a conspirator.   Most problems simply occur through errors

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(Influential Leadership) Are Leadership Skills Still Important?

A Right Management survey at the end of 2010 of over 2,000 human resource executives, hiring managers and recruiters across 17 countries had the surprising (to me) result that only slightly more than half of Asia-Pacific based respondents rated leadership skill and potential as the number one factor in hiring. Those in North America and

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(Influential Leadership) Are You A Transformative Leader?

Here’s a quote from Bonnie Hatcock of Humana, HR Executive magazine’s 2007 HR Executive of the Year:   “As we mature as leaders, I think we all realize that it’s no longer about the answers. It’s about the questions – asking those well-placed, well-timed questions that help other people discover solutions.”   In other words,

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(Influential Leadership) The Trust Test

  Do You Pass The Trust Test?   The global communications firm Ketchum has polled thousands of consumers across 12 countries several times over the past decade, and in the latest study just 24% believe leaders overall are providing effective leadership.  Clearly there’s a lot of room for improvement!   What do those respondents consider

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(Influential Leadership) The Executive Summary

Photo by Bruce Mars on Unsplash  Use The Executive Summary Approach   Do you want to be more effective presenting technical information to non-technical executives?   The first key to an influential presentation is to meet the audience where they are and then to speak their language.   Your audience is not intimately familiar with

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(Influential Leadership) Push The Envelope

Every once in a while, we need to step back and reflect on ways to raise our standards, step out of our comfort zones, take a chance – push the envelope.  So ponder this question:   “How can I push the envelope this week?”   Photo by Sigmund on Unsplash   This is a question

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(Influential Leadership) Master Clarifying Conversations, Part 2

Last time I shared this relationship ‘truth’:   The quality of a relationship is directly proportional to the amount of effective communication that exists in that relationship.     One key to effective communication is the clarifying conversation.   Steps To Mastering The Clarifying Conversation   Step One: Get Clear Your Intent   The first

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(Influential Leadership) Master Clarifying Conversations

How much of your leadership success depends on your ability to skillfully relate to others? Whether it’s the relationship with your clients, senior management, staff or co-workers, your ability to effectively communicate and master key relationships could arguably be the most important component of your success and fulfillment.   Relationship Cancer   Assuming this is

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