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Where’s The Beef?

By John Hadley | Oct 4, 2009

OK, I’m probably dating myself here…remember those Wendy’s commercials in the 1980’s, when a little old lady ordered competitors burgers, only to exclaim “Where’s the beef?” I’m reminded of those ads when I see resumes that say things like “results-oriented”, “highly motivated”, “outstanding communication skills”, and one of my favorites, “proven results in …” These are empty phrases […]

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Better to Search While Employed?

By John Hadley | Sep 27, 2009

Comment from one of my readers: “I say “WOW” to the comment “have the courage to walk away from the position you don’t want”.  (From Career Tips, March 2009 – email me at  for a copy.) I find it interesting that one wouldn’t know if they wanted the position prior to the interview. However, I have found that once […]

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Quick Tip for Phone Interviews

By John Hadley | Sep 24, 2009

I’ve had a lot going on lately, so I haven’t been as diligent about posting.  I welcome your comments on any issues frustrating you about your career or career search, and then I’ll address those issues here. In the meanwhile, you can listen to this quick tip on effective phone interviewing (from the candidate’s point […]

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Networking Faux Pas

By John Hadley | Sep 5, 2009

I find that a large percentage of job seekers have misconceptions about networking that hold them back in their search. Take this email I received, for example: “I have been out of work for 7 months and I have not been on one interview for a job. I am networking, I have joined groups such […]

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Think Outside The Box

By John Hadley | Aug 26, 2009

In my August issue of Career Tips, I wrote about the benefits of volunteering to make yourself more marketable, and some potential traps to avoid.  (If you would like a copy, just drop me a note at Another form of ‘volunteering’ is the unpaid internship or ’sample’ consulting project.  Basically, you are giving a prospective […]

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Is Your Resume Selling You?

By John Hadley | Aug 15, 2009

“I’ve sent out what feels like hundreds of résumés with no calls. I know I’m qualified for all the jobs, but can’t understand why I’m not getting a buzz.” This is an all-too-common complaint. If you aren’t getting responses from your résumé, either it is serving poorly as your sales brochure, or you are sending […]

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Achieve Your Career Potential

By John Hadley | Aug 1, 2009

When was the last time you sat back and gave serious thought to what you want to achieve in life, and how what you do at work is aligned with that? Are you doing what you really want to do? Do you still think of your job as a career, or has it become simply a source of a paycheck? Do […]

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Rediscovering Your Career Direction

By John Hadley | Jun 21, 2009

“I am stuck. I cannot figure out which direction to go in.  I am a physician with only 1 year of job experience. The problem is that I am no longer passionate about this specialty. Currently, I am unemployed and quite depressed. What should I do? If you have any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate them. […]

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Don’t Overlook Fit To Job

By John Hadley | Jun 13, 2009

I was struck by a phrase in a posting about a job as follows: “Cultural fit will be very important…looking for an all-around athlete that is easy to get along with” This is a point that many candidates overlook – they are so worried about ’selling themselves’ that they forget to take a really close […]

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