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(Influential Leadership) Ask Effective Questions

Master The Art of Asking Effective Questions My last two posts discussed the importance of paying attention to someone’s tension (their level of urgency) in order to influence them, and that for someone to act on your idea (or “buy” from you) their tension needs to reach the Threshold of Activation. If they are not […]

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(Influential Leadership) The Threshold of Activation

My last post discussed the concept of “productive tension.” Tension can be defined as the urgency one feels to do something.   To be effective with others you need to develop a keen awareness of where someone’s “threshold” is – specifically, their Threshold of Activation.   What is the Threshold of Activation? The Threshold of

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The Power Of Thank You Notes

My son ran into his High School AP Biology teacher at the grocery store yesterday.  George was thrilled to see him, and told him how much he appreciated the thank you card Michael sent him for writing a recommendation letter in support of Michael’s scholarship application.  George went on to say,   “Out of the

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