Conversing In Nature

(Influential Leadership) Master Clarifying Conversations

How much of your leadership success depends on your ability to skillfully relate to others? Whether it’s the relationship with your clients, senior management, staff or co-workers, your ability to effectively communicate and master key relationships could arguably be the most important component of your success and fulfillment.   Relationship Cancer   Assuming this is …

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Curious Cat

(Influential Leadership) Ask Questions

We often make the mistake of thinking that leaders should already have all of the answers.  If you want to be a truly influential leader, don’t hesitate to ask questions!   Often when we think we don’t have a lot to contribute to a discussion, we hesitate to ask questions. This is a big mistake, …

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Empty Picture Frame

(Influential Leadership) Frame Effective Questions

Many times we hold back on asking a question because we don’t want to look uninformed. We don’t want people to think, “They should already know that!”   Even savvy business consultants sometimes fall into this trap. But asking questions is critical to both being perceived as a leader, and to getting the information you …

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DJ In Front Of Crowd

(Influential Leadership) Surround Yourself With Good People

In his book, Good To Great, Jim Collins presenting his finding that a key distinguisher for the companies that went from merely good to great performers in their market space was what he nicknamed “Level 5” leaders. These aren’t the flashy, flamboyant leaders we read about in the trade press. These are very focused leaders …

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Fancy Hourglass

(Influential Leadership) Outcome-Focused Planning

Is effectively managing your time a challenge for you? Do you feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day and that you just don’t get to those things that really matter?   If so, you’re not alone. Effective time management seems to be a common ailment among independent professionals and a place where there’s …

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Hand Raised To Sky

(Influential Leadership) 15 Minutes To Power

Today’s tip is about a technique for overcoming procrastination called “15-Minute Power Chunks”.   The Problem: Lack of Follow Through How often do you find yourself thinking, “I really need to do this (i.e., a certain activity) because I know that doing it will significantly improve my business (life, relationship, career, etc.).”? In other words, …

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Coffee First

(Influential Leadership) Do This First

One thing that is totally essential if you want to be an influential leader is that you must master how you spend your time. There will be tips coming soon in the series which will help you master time management. But ultimately how you manage your time comes down to how you live out your …

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Getting Feedback

(Influential Leadership) Elicit Constructive Criticism

As I said last week, getting serious, critical feedback is one of the most important things you can do to increase your influence and advance your career. After all, the only objection you can never answer is the one you never knew about!   It’s not enough to just ask “How am I doing?” and …

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Girl Whispering In Other Girl's Ear

(Influential Leadership) Find Out How You’re Doing

What’s the single most important thing you can do to: Increase your influence at work? Convince senior executives you are a top performer? Win that promotion? Uncover hidden career blockers?   The answer to all of these is the same – find out what you could be doing better!   Remember Ed Koch’s catchphrase when …

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