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Phrases to Kill Your Search, #3

Here’s the next of my search-killing phrases:   “I’m a results-oriented professional…”   or this variation:   “Proven results in…”   These are used all the time in résumés and cover letters, or even in oral 30-second pitches…and they do absolutely nothing for you.   Remember the adult voices on all the Charlie Brown specials, …

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Hand Holding Business Card

Don’t Give Out Business Cards

Here’s a quote from a column by Michael Port, the NY Times bestselling author of Book Yourself Solid, in the December issue of Entrepreneur magazine. The title of the column: “Keep Your Cards To Yourself.”   “Don’t share your business card. Take some contrarian sales advice:  Never give out another business card again (unless someone asks for it, …

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Empty Classroom

Where’s The Beef?

OK, I’m probably dating myself here…remember those Wendy’s commercials in the 1980’s, when a little old lady ordered competitors burgers, only to exclaim “Where’s the beef?”   I’m reminded of those ads when I see resumes that say things like “results-oriented”, “highly motivated”, “outstanding communication skills”, and one of my favorites, “proven results in …”   These are …

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Man In Suit Walking Away From Office

Better to Search While Employed?

Here’s a comment from one of my readers: “I say “WOW” to the comment “have the courage to walk away from the position you don’t want”.  (From Career Tips, March 2009.) I find it interesting that one wouldn’t know if they wanted the position prior to the interview. However, I have found that once you’re on the job you …

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